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Fusion Small Group Semi Private Sessions

4 people per class, individualised programming a real and more cost effective alternative to personal training

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Fusion Strength and Conditoning

This program is a strength and conditioning program designed for field sport and speed sport athletes.

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Fusion Fitness and Strength

If your goal is to improve your overall quality of life than this is the program. In each class we address 3 main areas. Mobility, Strength and Fitness. If you are looking to do an effective thought out program that is going to improve your baseline strength and overall fitness then the Fusion Fitness and Strength classes are going to give you the best results!

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Fusion Corporate Wellness Programs

The Fusion Corporate Wellness Program is designed for Small to Medium business's looking to integrate healthier lifestyle habits into their teams weekly routines. We work with your company to tailor a package that works for you addressing movement/Fitness and nutrition its NOT just a corporate exercise program!

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Olympic Weightlifting - Fusion Weightlifting Club

Fusion Weightlifting Club is a QWA/AWF (Queensland Weightlifting Federation/Australian Weightlifting Federation) affiliated club. The only one in Maroochydore. We are dedicated to bringing the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting to the Sunshine Coast. Weightlifting is for anybody of any age. We can provide quality coaching and programming to help you succeed in the sport of weightlifting. We have professional AWF qualified coaches to help introduce any body from any age and any skill level to the great sport of weightlifting.

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Online/Remote Coaching

Remote/Online coaching allows us to help people from a distance, as not everyone can be so lucky to live in Maroochydore!

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