About Fusion performance

Health and Fitness, Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning Training by the Sunshine Coast’s best

Fusion Sports and performance is custom built facility designed to help anybody reach their health and fitness goals through individualized programming, coaching and support. We are one of the leading and first group fitness and strength and conditioning facilities in the area! We offer a personalized approach to training and well-being that will help you reach any goal from preparation of any level athlete looking to excel in their sporting arena through to someone looking to improve their overall health and fitness. We also offer Fusion Weightlifting involving specialist programs and Coaching for the sport of Weightlifting.
We offer training times and programs to suit your needs including our large group Strength and Fitness Classes, Strength and Movement Classes, Small Group Semi Private Training, Fusion Strength and Conditioning, Fusion Weightlifting and one on one personal training. We can find a tailored method to suit your budget, goals and schedule.

Do you need some direction in your training?

Fusion Sports and Performance specializes in helping people looking for direction in their training through personalized programming and coaching. We can help you build a healthier lifestyle through smarter training and education

We understand that every goal, every sport, every athlete and every person is different so we look at you as an individual and analyse your goals in order to put together a customized program that works for you.

We start by reviewing your goals, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and the skills and abilities needed for your particular sport. We also look at physical and time demands of your sport and write a program to help you enhance your game. 

Using a fusion of the best training methodologies, we give you the most effective and efficient training program available. 

Our Trainers

Matt Noonan (Owner/Head Coach)

As a coach, mentor and athlete Matt is extensively experienced with many years experience across the fitness, health and sports arena. With qualifications as a Australian Weightlifting Level 2, Ce.. Learn more

Helen Duffy (Coach)

Helen started training at Fusion Sports & Performance in 2013 and took up coaching in 2014 following a 12 month internship at the box. In 2015 she completed her Certificate III & IV in Fitn.. Learn more

Trudy Davidson (Coach)

Trudy Davidson Sport background I started as a gymnast when I was 8, and competed at a state level until I was 14 and then continued to compete at a lower level (when my love for .. Learn more

Drew Cote (Coach)

Drew joined group Fusion classes in 2015, transitioning into our fusion individualized programs in 2016 and now coaching in 2018. He brings a strong workman’s attitude to the gym everyday and ho.. Learn more